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Håkan Carlsson Graphic design, illustration

& interaction design.

Welcome! I am a freelance designer and illustrator working from Malmö, Sweden.

Years of experience working with start ups and big companies like Sony and BlackBerry have helped me build my skill set and now I work as a design consultant for small and large companies.

A selection of recent projects

I work with both interaction and visual design and can help you launch your app, create your movie poster, draw icons, or just be an ux advisor on a timely basis. Let me show you some examples of what I done in the past.

Fig 1. Quiz Battle History by Planeto

Point application by Minut.

Fig 2. Point application by Minut    Fig 3. Misc in-app Icons for mobile applications

These are snippets from iOS applications that I have designed. If you´d like to know a little bit more about them, contact me!


Working with applications nowadays, you cannot ignore the importance of transitions and animations. Therefore, every little tap and detail counts for the whole user experience.

When designing your app, always use motion to get the complete picture of your project.

A small movie clip is shown above for the Point application, avaliable for iOS this fall.

Illustration & Storyboarding

Illustration was my first passion growing up, and I have been doing it ever since. Lately I have been doing work for local brewerys, indie pop labels and mobile companies.


Illustration examples:

Fig 1. Tracing Malmö (ongoing & unfinished)    Fig 2. Various wallpapers for mobile devices.

Fig. 5 Sony Ericsson Customer Support Storyboard excerpts

Storyboarding is great for testing film ideas and getting the story right and should be taken very seriously. Sometimes, doodles on post-it notes work excellent, but if you want something more fancy, send me an email and I´ll help putting the pieces together.

Graphic Design

Whether it is a digital campaign or a movie poster, I can take care of everything from rough sketches to final print. I´ll deal with print formats, paper, color choices and print shops so you don´t have to worry about it. Just give me an idea of what you would want the end result to be, and we´ll take it from there.


Graphic design examples:

Fig 1. Sony Ericsson C901 Demotour Collage for Computer Arts (detail) (Collaboration with Hampus Hedberg Hankell)

Fig 2. Poster for Sköterskan, a film by Martin Larsson    Fig 3. Logo for Pop Band Stars In Coma    Fig 4. Sun Giant label for Chad Beer

Fig 5. Package Design for Lisa Bouvier Album "Made in Lisa" (2013)    Fig 6. Package Design for Stars In Coma - "The Confessional Sun" (Cover image by Ewa Brorsson, Lyrics by Andre Brorsson.     Fig 7. Promotion Material for Top Housing, Höllviken    Fig 8. "15 Minutes of Flame" by Chad Beer

Design for Web

From time to time I also work with webdesign, and can help you with designs and ux work for the big screen (and smaller mobile). If you don´t have the resources to build an app, why not go for a mobile site instead?


Web design examples:

Fig 1.     Fig 2.

“Work? It’s just serious play.” - Saul Bass

That´s it, now let´s talk business!

I would love to give you a quote or just have a friendly chat about your project and how I can help boost it. Use the email link or find me in various social media. I look forward to hear from you, and thanks for visiting!

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